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DRAWbridge integrates CAD systems with Documentum from OpenText. DRAWbridge allows you to work the way you like the best whilst increasing the productivity of your organization significantly. The fact that you always have the correct drawing information at your fingertips, reduces time and costly re-work. The return on investment is 2-5 months and the implementation 1-5 days.


Our customers are market leaders in industries where engineering plays a key role, such as utilities, oil & gas, infrastructural, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Discover how BTM Software serves companies and organizations like yours.

Utilities Industries


Your challenge
Having to deal with a sharp decrease in power demand, but also with customers becoming a more dominant force in the whole equation has changed the utilities industry tremendously. As a result your industry had to undergo some financial restructuring, while becoming more customer-centric and service-oriented. Having to navigate your way through new regulations, while dealing with all of the above is no easy task.

Our solution
In order to increase shareholder value and drive much-improved performance, utilities will need to find growth.
All of this, in an environment in which demand for power is slipping. BTM Software can help you maximize the opportunities available.

Oil & Gas Industries


Your challenge
The Oil & Gas industry deals with great complexities on a daily basis. Low oil prices and changes in terms of demand force companies to operate in remote and potentially hostile environments, while high cost and difficulty of extracting energy is steadily increasing. Complex supply chains make it difficult to deliver projects on time and budget. All of this at a time when governmental regulation is more and more burdensome.

Our solution
Despite these challenging times for the oil & gas industry, we believe that for companies who incorporate innovative technology to maximize investments, lower costs and risks, the opportunities are endless. BTM Software saves you time by streamlining processes and guaranteeing a quick return on investment.

Chemical Industries


Your challenge
Sustainable innovation, growth and profitability – in an industry with fierce competition – are only three of the many challenges, that the chemical industry is facing. These days, chemical companies are looking for new ways to manage highly fluctuating economic conditions, uncertain markets and continuously increasing regulatory requirements.

Our solution
BTM Software Drawing Management not only re-uses information that is already available, but it also reduces costly and time-consuming re-work. Our products make your engineering process more flexible and organized, so you can focus on growing and beating your competition.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industries


Your challenge
There are some serious changes, that are motivating the AEC industry to find new approaches to how buildings and infrastructures are designed, built, operated, and maintained. Just as with similar industries, the construction industry must continually improve their productivity to remain competitive. All this, while traditional building methods are reaching the limits of productivity and new industry standards such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), the desire for ‘green’ buildings or the wish for a smaller ‘carbon footprint’ entail increased costs and complexities.

Our solution
Our products take some of the complexity of projects out of the equation. With our tools, all the information is managed and re-used and all departments have access to the latest versions of drawings. Less versions equals less re-work and therefore productivity in projects increases.

About us

BTM Software develops and delivers state-of-the-art enterprise drawing management solutions offering internal and external stakeholders easy access to drawing-related information. As a result, design and construction flaws are captured at an early stage, significantly reducing costly and time-consuming re-work.

About the team

Since 2002 we develop and deliver premium solutions for Documentum users within the engineering community. In 3 consecutive years, we have been awarded as the most innovate engineering solution. Most of our employees have more than 30 years of experience in engineering and IT.

This includes more than 19 years of experience with the implementation of Documentum-based solutions. Thanks to this experience and skills BTM Software brings new products and versions to market in the shortest period of time.

Partnering with OpenText

We are the first and only partner with a comprehensive portfolio of drawing management products for Energy & Engineering (E&E) solutions built on top of Documentum.

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