DRAWbridge boosts your productivity

DRAWbridge integrates CAD applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, Plant3D and MicroStation with the leading ECM system Documentum.

DRAWbridge manages the links

CAD data can be very complex, consisting of many linked components each with their own version or revision.

While different groups of users work on these components, they generate many changes within a short period of time, which makes it even more complex.

DRAWbridge manages these dynamic links.

Keeping the title block up-to-date

The title block contains crucial information about the CAD model and therefore needs to be updated at any point in time. This metadata is stored in Documentum and synchronized by:

  • DRAWbridge in a manual ad-hoc way

  • BLOCKbridge in an automated fashion as part of a lifecycle or workflow

BTM Software supports the bi-directional synchronization

Seamlessly integrated

All menu items, functions and features of the CAD applications are available in the familiar user interface without limitations.

All the CAD standards, component libraries, plotting and publishing configurations you have implemented in the past are re-used.

Also, all best practices you have developed over the years remain available and are extended through simple configuration.

Collaboration on a modern & secure platform

Documentum has a track record for being the most robust and modern enterprise content management system available.

Security and compliance always had the highest priority using the latest technology in cloud and containerization.

Its features and functions are comprehensive and unmatched by any enterprise content management system

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