BTMsoftware Satellite Products

We offer a portfolio of products supporting the engineering processes within your organization. The mostly used products are described here.

RENDERbridge for renditions

RENDERbridge generates renditions (PDF, TIFF, DWF(x)) using the native drivers from the CAD applications in combination with your existing plotting and publishing environment.

BLOCKbridge keeps the title block up-to-date

The title block contains crucial information about the CAD model and therefore needs to be
updated at any point in time. This metadata is stored in Documentum and automatically
synchronized by BLOCKbridge.

BLOCKbridge supports bi-directional synchronization.

INDEXbridge for full-text search

INDEXbridge extracts text from drawings and 3D models and stores it for full-text searchoperations in Documentum. The use of the comprehensive and intuitive Documentum search engine reduces the search for CAD data significantly.


BULKbridge automatically creates the relationships between the electronic drawing / 3D model and its linked files after these have been bulk-loaded into Documentum


NAVIbridge integrates Autodesk Navisworks with Documentum.

NAVIbridge links assets stored in CAD models with its content stored in Documentum.

It allows the users to navigate through these models and access the content of assets on-the-fly

TAGbridge linking tag information

TAGbridge extracts tag information from the designs and stores it as metadata inDocumentum in order to link it to other enterprise systems (ERP, maintenance and asset management systems etc).

BRAVA viewing and redlining support

When opening a CAD model or drawing in BRAVA, our DRAWbridge for BRAVA add-in will hand over all linked files to BRAVA.

OpenText’s Brava for CAD viewer will then display all relevant documents to the user for reviewing, commenting and comparing electronic drawings.

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